Featured Image for Mark Hamill has started reading Trump’s tweets as The Joker because welcome to 2017

Mark Hamill has started reading Trump’s tweets as The Joker because welcome to 2017

One of the most surprising features of Donald Trump’s successful election campaign was his tweeting style.

Mark Hamill, best known for his role as Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars series, has now responded to the President-elect’s use of Twitter.

Using his much-beloved voice-acting talent, Hamill has just recorded a reading of Trump’s New Year’s tweet as The Joker.

It all started with Matt Oswalt (the brother of comedian Patton Oswalt) when he posted a response to Trump’s New Year’s tweet.

Hamill – who isn’t a fan of Trump – responded, and seven hours later posted the results.

This isn’t the first time Trump has been parodied in cartoon form either. Late night talk show host Stephen Colbert has had a recurring segment with Cartoon Donald Trump, and Billy West used his voice talents to cast Trump as Futurama’s Zapp Brannigan.

Not to be left out, West also had a crack at the New Year’s tweet.

Hamill has been voicing The Joker since 1992, quickly becoming a fan favourite and appearing in TV shows, DC animated movies, toys and video games.

It is unclear if Hamill will continue reading Trump tweets but he may want to exercise a little caution going up against the President-elect.

Trump has been tweeting since 2009, and has used the medium to dish out controversial opinions on topics such as pop culture, celebrity gossip, the media and of course, politics.

Trump isn’t playing around with Twitter though – his tweets are paradoxically impulsive yet well calculated. It’s almost like he is some kind of Twitter savant – a politician who isn’t just embracing technology, but thriving on it.

Becoming President-elect hasn’t slowed down Trump’s tweeting – it’s simply made it stronger. The thing about Twitter is this – you are never too busy to grab your phone and bash out a tweet. So even the guy who is taking The Hardest Job in the World won’t stop now. In fact, he’s just warming up.

But the game has changed now and the tweets have grown in power.

Last week, Republicans quite suddenly opted to abandon some controversial changes to the independent ethics office after Trump took to Twitter.

And in the same week, Trump tweet-blasted Toyota for its plans to build a new plant in Mexico. The result? A $1.2 billion drop in stock value.

Taking on Mark Hamill may be tricky though. This guy is Star Wars royalty, Trump. Do you know how fanatical Star Wars fans are?

They are almost as obsessed as Trump supporters.

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