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We can’t stop watching this hilarious video of god-awful CGI in ’90s movies

We all remember our awkward teenage years. The acne. The erections. The not fitting in. The erections.

In case you weren’t watching, it turns out that CGI in movies also went through a period of adolescence, experimenting and trying to find their way in this big scary world.

The following clip takes us on a walk down Crappy Effect Lane, with mostly ’90s effects from some of our favourite and least favourite movies (we’re looking at you, Back To The Future III).

The time was a difficult one for special effects.

The new possibilities presented by computer generated imagery meant that movies could include scenes previously thought impossible. But unfortunately, computer graphics just weren’t that good yet, and writers and directors just decided to get lazy.

Nothing says ‘less is more’ like subtle use of CGI in movies, but as you’ll see in the following clip, the CGI used was about as subtle as Donald Trump’s use of bronzer.

Back the good old days of movie effects, masters like Alfred Hitchcock decided that what we don’t see is actually a better storytelling device, and decided to let our imaginations do the work for us.

But Hitchcock is dead now. And instead we have Michael Bay.

Anyway, some of the movies included in the following clip are actually quite good, but if you haven’t seen them in a while you probably haven’t realised how far special effects have come since.

And there’s a literal spoiler alert, because it might spoil some movies with special effects that you thought were so ahead of their time – and actually just kinda stunk.

There’s Bruce Willis surfing a truck in Die Hard With A Vengeance. There are monkeys stealing a car and loading a gun in Jumanji. There’s Michael J Fox saying goodbye to a flying train covered in lightning in Back To The Future III, which we are sure is totally necessary as a plot device.

Where we’re going, we don’t need ‘train tracks’.

And for fans of Men In Black or The Mummy, we are sorry, your favourite movies have been ruined.

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