Featured Image for The self-making bed is here, just in time for Christmas

The self-making bed is here, just in time for Christmas

We all hate making the bed. It takes away valuable time in the morning, and is pretty useless when you know it’s only going to get unmade again. I myself haven’t made the bed for 12 years.

But in 2016, hey, there’s an app for that. (Well an app, and an air-powered internal doona skeleton which makes itself – even if you’re not in the room).

The SmartDuvet can be made from anywhere at the literal press of a button, meaning you can get your bed ready and made on your drive home. You can even make it with someone else in the bed – a fun way to freak out your partner on a daily basis.

Image of the remote control function of the Smart Duvet app

The creators of the app guarantee you a ‘hotel-quality made bed every time’. I don’t know what hotel-quality is, unless they mean other people will have had sex in your bed, but hey, it sounds snazzy to me.

It can be attached to your own doona or blanket, and if you don’t have a blanket for some reason, you can also buy one from SmartDuvet.

It’s already achieved its $AU41,000 goal on Kickstarter and the company says in a video that it has already developed a working prototype.

The video, complete with the same acoustic-y music and wordless signing you’ve heard in every start-up video for the past decade, is pretty slick. The company hopes to “make bed-making a thing of the past” which is alright in our books.

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