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The world is trying to get excited about pizza-ordering tattoos

Hold the phone! Or put down the phone. Or don’t dial it in the first place, since you don’t need to for this. Well, 40 people in the world don’t anyway.

Introducing the latest wow in pizza marketing: Pizza Hut has created 40 temporary tattoos that will enable some lucky buggers to order a pizza without speaking to a soul.

I know, right, innovative!

Why the added step of a temporary tattoo would seem appealing to those 40 people, or anyone else, is beyond me. It’s a great if you think the standard way of ordering pizza is boring, but it’s unlikely faster and even more unlikely efficient. But hey, that’s marketing!

Here, have a look at the cheesy promo video below (oh my God, that pun was an accident):

The temporary tattoos work through Near Field Communication (NFC) and a Quick Response (QR) code. Each tattoo arrives with its owner’s fav pizza programmed into it, so all they have to do to is scan the tattoo with their phone, and the app will send the order through. Just confirm the order with a tap of a button and sit back and let the cheese-topped circle of dough come to your door, or put on your shoes and go pick it up.

The details of how to secure yourself one of these magic tatts was on the Pizza Hut Facebook page, but being a promotion by the UK arm of the restaurant chain, we Aussies weren’t going to get one anyway.

With the Italian treat being one of the West’s most loved indulgences, it’s no surprise that pizza businesses are doing what they can to keep their customers happy.

Red Tomato Pizza in Dubai created a similar and arguably more practical device than the tatt: a VIP fridge magnet button that’s connected to your smart phone and delivery system. Others promotional campaigns, like Domino’s Ultimate Delivery Vehicle design contest and Naked Pizza campaign, have certainly been more inclusive than Pizza Hut’s fake ink.

Other pizza brand marketing has included everything from charities and loyalty programs to gaming and vending machines.

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