Featured Image for Pokemon GO is officially the #1 app of the year

Pokemon GO is officially the #1 app of the year

Apple have announced Pokemon GO as the most downloaded app of the year (sorry, please don’t blame me for yet another Pokemon GO-based article).

Niantic’s smash hit of an app topped the heap in the App Store’s most downloaded and highest grossing lists for 2016.

Classic 2016: an app which encourages people to tune out of the real world to immerse in a simulated world where we can catch and imprison small monsters in our phone for personal gain is number one!

Anywho, Pokemon GO broke records on its release, with over 15 million downloads in its first week. Apple doesn’t make the exact amount of downloads of apps readily available, but Google Play has had Pokemon GO installed by users between 100 and 500 million times.

The app, from which escape seemed futile for a few months earlier this year, beat out the usual players to sit top of the heap. Messenger came in second on the list, finishing just above Snapchat, the regular Facebook app and Instagram.

In terms of the highest grossing apps, Pokemon GO bested Heart of Vegas Free Slots Casino, as Spotify came in third.

Well, all’s not lost, at least our willingness to escape reality outweighs our urges to gamble – with fake non-monetary rewards might I add…

Pokemon GO was top of everyone’s list for a while there, but got seriously old when people twigged as to the insanity of what they were doing.

People sure were blissfully unaware how much their opinions of the app would change.

Yeah, they also added a few new Pokemon lately, if you’re keen to be indie and bring back the fad.

Congrats Pokemon GO on being added to the list of passing crazes from 2016 that we kinda wish were never a thing.

But hey, congrats to Niantic, you’re number one.

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