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According to Russian officials, FIFA 17 is spreading gay propaganda

If you read the news – and if you’re not looking to get terrified, we don’t recommend it – you’ll see that discussions of the Russian menace appear to be hitting Cold War levels.

Not only have Russian hackers apparently delivered the US election to Donald Trump, there are indications that the hacking goes deeper than anyone ever expected.

So much so, there have been calls to strip Trump of his Time: Person of the Year title and give it to Vladimir Putin.

And now, Russia are taking on a new foe: FIFA 17.

(Yep, the video game).

Members of Russian parliament have called for a review – and potential ban – of the game because, according to them, it is spreading gay propaganda.

The particular point of concern is that the game allows players to support the Premier League’s recent ‘rainbow laces’ initiative, which is aimed at supporting LGBT rights and stamping out homophobia.

shoes with rainbow laces

For the record, we got behind the inititative here at Techly, too.

Specifically, the MPs are concerned that the game breaches a recently passed Russian law which bans the spreading of any form of gay propaganda.

While most of the world has moved on (yes, we’re still waiting on gay marriage, Malcolm), homosexuality is still a big deal in Russia – where being gay can lead to jail time. Legislation introduced last year actually criminalised the process of coming out or speaking about your homosexuality in public.

Some Russian MPs have called for the game to be banned, while others have asked EA Sports – the developer of the game – to reprogram it to get rid of all the scary gay stuff.

For many, particularly in Australia and the US, where football/soccer isn’t the biggest game in town, playing FIFA is about as close as we get to the soccer pitch.

But who knew that – all this damn time – this humble video game was a gay propaganda mind-control device?

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