Featured Image for Thanks for an awesome 2016 on Techly, here are your favourite articles from a bonkers year

Thanks for an awesome 2016 on Techly, here are your favourite articles from a bonkers year

“Well, that happened” – Everyone, December 2016.

2016 was just all sorts of nonsense.

A massive year for dead gorillas, rogue minor political parties and hypothetical giant wall enthusiasts.

So if you fall into that category, congrats on a great year. For the rest of us, at least the nightmare almost over.

But it wasn’t all bad, over here in the Techly offices we had an absolute blast bringing you all the crazy, inspiring, and captivating stories throughout the year – made all the better by our amazing readers.

So here are the most-loved articles in 2016. We can’t wait to bring you more in 2017!

Anonymous hacks ISIS’s Twitter, makes it as fabulously gay as humanly possible

In the wake of the harrowing massacre at Pulse nightclub, Islamic State twitter accounts were celebrating. One hacker decided to hit back with humour – infiltrating their accounts and turning them into a celebration of gay pride.

This was, by a decent margin, the most viewed article of the year – it went certifiably nuts. Over a 24-hour period it was literally the most shared article on the entire Internet, so yeah – you could say it went well.

Elon Musk personally bans blogger from buying a Tesla Model X

After Elon Musk was late to a Tesla event, venture capital investor Stewart Alsop wrote a blog post on Medium having a dig at the company’s founder for being late.

Musk didn’t take too kindly to it and banned the poor bloke from buying a Model X. Ever.

This story was a great pickup by one of our sub-editors, Joe Frost, who got onto it before anyone else and saw the article catapult to the front page of Reddit.

Mercedes and Porsche just wished BMW ‘Happy 100th Birthday’ and it’s all class

Luxury car brands aren’t just incredibly classy in terms of the vehicles they produce, their front offices are a class act as well.

Mercedes and Porche both took out big advertisements to wish their competitors, BMW, a happy birthday. Nice.

Seven ludicrous Australian laws that actually make Sydney’s lockout legislation seem reasonable

Sydney’s lockout laws have devastated the city’s nightlife by implementing ludicrously strict regulation on bars, pubs and clubs.

But it turns out that this isn’t a first for Australian lawmakers – in fact, there are a whole bunch of absolutely farcical laws still in place.

My personal favourite: in Victoria, it is illegal to wear hot-pink pants after midday on a Sunday.

Help fight sex trafficking by uploading photos of your hotel room

Turns out Techly readers are deadset legends and like doing a bit of good in their spare time.

This story about how to hit back against sex trafficking went BONZA, which is always good to see – hopefully we’re one small step closer to stopping this atrocious abuse.

In 24 hours, Trump has betrayed everything he ever stood for

America’s working class trusted Trump would drain the swamp and look after their interests. It only took a matter of days after his election before he abandoned all of these campaign promises.

Techly Explains: What’s the deal with the little soy-sauce fish that comes with ALL takeaway sushi?

Finally, we answered the question that’s been bugging you every time you get a teriyaki chicken sushi roll.

We pride ourselves on answering the big questions.

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