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Melbourne’s Xmas will be an absolute scorcher, temperatures across the country above 40 damn degrees

This year it looks like many Australians will be dreaming of a red Christmas, as the mercury rises across the country, particularly in Victoria and South Australia.

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) has reported that Victoria is set for a very hot Christmas with heatwave conditions for much of the state on Friday and over the weekend.

In Melbourne, the temperature is forecasted to be 31 on Christmas Eve, 35 on Christmas Day, and 31 on Boxing Day.

The BOM is predicting that it’ll be 37 in Adelaide on Christmas Eve and 40 on Christmas and Boxing Day. Oooooft.

But as far as Christmas heatwaves go, Sydney doesn’t get a look in this year, with a max of 28 over the weekend.

The intense Christmas weather seems to stem from the Sydney-Melbourne rivalry, which goes back to Australia’s pre-Federation days. New South Wales and Victoria were the two largest colonies and had different trade models. New South Wales had a policy of free trade, while Victoria went to other way, in favour of protectionism.

In fact, the rivalry was so great that when Australia was federated in 1901, it was decided that neither Melbourne nor Sydney deserved to be the capital city. Nowadays, the rivalry is mostly played out in Rugby League, or in those best-cities-in-the-world things that come out every year.

The South Australia – Victoria rivalry is mainly centred on Aussie rules football. Back in 1879, the first interstate match was held and the charming phrase “Kick a Vic” became popular in South Australia.

Look, deep down we all love each other, right?

And jokes aside, we all should all be careful out there this Christmas. It’s gonna be an absolute scorcher so stay hydrated, people.

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