Russian fisherman shares deep-sea horrors on Twitter, proves nothing is safe

As Kramer once said, mother nature is a mad scientist.

Roman Fedortsov is a Russian fisherman who works on a deep-sea trawler based in Murmansk, in the northwest of Russia.

According to Russian site Ruposter.ru, Fedorstov started his bizarre gallery of creatures earlier this year. Well by now he has collected quite a cornucopia for your viewing, uh, pleasure.

To the eye of a deep-sea fisherman, a lot of these pics may seem like nothing special. To rest of us, however, these images are a one-way ticket to a Nopesville.

OK ready? Let’s take a look at some highlights, complete with the English translation of his comments (courtesy of The Moscow Times).

This one looks like something straight out of a Guillermo Del Toro movie. Remember THAT GUY from Pan’s Labyrinth? Shudder.

“How do you find such a beauty?”

And this one looks like something straight out of the Alien franchise:

“Aha! caught another one of these guys!”

Even the fisherman aren’t sure what’s going on here:

“We’re still arguing about this one. What is it?”

In some cases he might want to exercise a little more caution:

“Besides fish, creatures like this one end up in the net, too. I hope it’s not poisonous!”

Fedorstov doesn’t mind going out of his way to please his audience either:

“One guy requested that I repost this fish. Damn, just look at him.”

More nightmare fuel:

“All good today!”

With the help of Google, I translated this one by myself. (Can you tell???)

“Fish do not need beer for Saturday? The last flight to perch across.”

It isn’t all doom and gloom. Fedorstov has an appreciation for beauty too:

“And here’s a living starfish. What a pretty colour.”

If you liked all that, I have the perfect soundtrack for you.

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