Featured Image for WATCH: A surgeon recorded an entire operation on Snapchat Spectacles and it’s pretty incredible

WATCH: A surgeon recorded an entire operation on Snapchat Spectacles and it’s pretty incredible

When Snapchat first started it was basically just a vehicle for stupid videos of you doing nothing…or dick pics.

But the social media platform has come a long way since then, with its most recent innovation, the Snapchat Spectacles, doing some pretty incredible things.

When they were first announced, a lot of people in the industry dismissed them as a gimmick, but its creators are proving that they could be a genuinely useful and groundbreaking piece of technology.

Dr Shafi Ahmed, the same guy that live-streamed an operation in VR, has taken wearable technology to the next level with the Snapchat Spectacles.

The Spectacles allow its user to record a point-of-view, hands-free video, and Dr Ahmed saw a perfect opportunity to film some #content for his 200 medical students at London Independent Hospital.

The footage of the hernia repair went up on Snapchat Live throughout the operation, with his assistant carefully selecting the most important ten-second clips to capture.

Its use as a low-cost educational tool is only beginning to be realised, with an infinite world of possibilities starting to open – bringing students and outsiders alike into the world of different professions.

For instance, imagine being able to be in the pilot’s seat as he/she lands a plane, or a wildlife photographer as they hunt for that perfect shot in the wilderness.

“I’m always looking for ways to develop my teaching, especially using wearable technology. When I saw the Snap spectacles, I asked friends in New York to buy some and send them to me immediately,” Dr Ahmed told the BBC.

“We have inequalities in medical education in different countries – I’m looking for ways we can use cutting-edge technology in relatively low-cost gadgets to teach people everywhere,” he said.

Wearable tech is one of the most exciting areas in modern technology and it’s bloody awesome to see it emerge right before our eyes.

Thankfully, Dr Ahmed’s operation has been archived on YouTube so you can learn how to do your very own hernia operation at home!

(Joking..joking! Pls do not try this at home.)

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