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When do I have to order my Christmas gift to get it on time in Australia?

Besides the obvious answer of ‘as soon as possible’, what’s the very latest you can hope to get your last minute Christmas delivery to your home?

Every year it’s the same old thing. In November you think, ‘oh hey I’m gonna get my Christmas shopping done super early this year and avoid all the hassle.’

Then BAM!

It’s now, and there’s no way in hell you’re going through the unceasing nightmare of a Westfield in December – so you have to buy online ASAP.

So when’s Christmas delivery D-Day?

23rd December is the last day that they will deliver before Christmas, but when you need to send it to get it there by then varies.

Thankfully, Australia Post has put up all their final posting dates for Christmas, so have a geez:

If you want to splash out on some cash for Express Post, your last day is Thursday 22 December – so eight days away.

If you want to get a standard parcel sent within the same city, allow two business days.

If you want a standard parcel sent between a metro and rural area in the same state, leave up to four business days

And if it’s between rural locations in the same state, give Australia Post up to five business days – so end of this week by the latest.

If you need to get it shipped interstate:

Between Sydney/Brisbane, Sydney/Melbourne, Melbourne/Canberra or Melbourne/Adelaide: allow 2-3 business days

Between Sydney/Adelaide, Melbourne/Brisbane, Melbourne/Tasmania or Adelaide/Canberra: allow 3-4 business days

Between other capital cities: allow 5-6 business days

If you need to send it overseas by sea, soz, it’s too late – but if you want to fly it over, check their delivery calculator to get an estimate.

This year, Australia Post is also going to be trialling second home delivery attempts if you’re not home to sign for it, so if you’re lucky they’ll pop in again between 4pm and 8pm Monday to Thursdays until 23 December.

ALSO, until the end of this week, some metro and regional areas will deliver on weekends which is pretty rad.

Trading hours will usually be extended by about an hour at open and close until the 23rd December – but check with your local store for definite times.

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