Featured Image for Snake eating wallaby may be most Aussie thing you’ll see today

Snake eating wallaby may be most Aussie thing you’ll see today

This story is doing nothing to clear up Australia’s reputation as a home to deadly animals.

Robert Willimse arrived at the 17th hole of the Paradise Palm course in Cairns and heard a strange sound.

This being ‘Straya, it turned about to be a 4-metre long scrub python devouring a wallaby.

In true Aussie fashion, he snapped a few pics of the tussle before getting back to it and resuming his round. Fair enough, I don’t think he couldn’t have done anything to save the wallaby at that point. Besides, it’s the Circle of Life, innit?

Willmse hypothesised that the python likely surprised the wallaby with an air-attack from a tree. He added:

I heard later on … as other golfers and staff members came out to have a look at it, that it did actually succeed in swallowing it all and then it rolled into a dry creek nearby and slithered away into the bush, probably to digest its rather large meal.

Snake 1, Wallaby 0.

According to the general manager of the golf course, the python was the one of the biggest snakes that has been spotted on the course “in a while”. He also added that the incident hasn’t alarmed the locals, who seem pretty casual about the whole thing.

We are talking Queensland here, so I guess it takes larger snakes to impress people.

In 2014, a giant water python ATE A CROCODILE. And a snake expert told the Brisbane Times that it’s not uncommon. That’s because although water pythons usually target smaller animals, it’s pretty easy to sneak up on a croc.

The scrub python, which is larger than the water version is Australia’s largest snake and it can get big. Like real big.

Last year, park rangers in Kuranda, north Queensland found a five-metre long scrub python. It weighed 50kg and was 5 metre long. But they can get as long as 8.5 metres according to the Australian Reptile Park.

A very long snake

That’s not a snake, THIS is a snake!

A snake eating a wallaby is pretty damn Aussie, but it isn’t the most ‘Strayan thing I’ve seen today.

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