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Singlehandedly save the ocean by drinking beer

You can save the environment by drinking beer. Now, that sounds fanciful, and it may not wash with your significant other, but hear me out.

An American brewery that wants to help save the lives of marine animals has created an edible six-pack ring

As the video explains, about 50 per cent of beer in the US is sold in can form, and a significant proportion of the plastic rings to which they are attached end up in the ocean.

This causes hundreds of thousands of fish, turtles and sea birds to get caught in these rings, or eat the plastic and die.

Saltwater Brewery was founded in 2013, in the beautiful Florida coastal town of Delray Beach, by a group of people whose lives revolved around the ocean.

“Our goal is to maintain the world’s greatest wonder by giving back to the ocean through Ocean Based Charities (CCA, Surfrider, Ocean Foundation, MOTE),” their website states.

Their edible six-pack rings certainly are an innovative and attention-grabbing method of contributing to the protection of the ocean.

Together with an advertising agency they came up with this idea, and eventually produced rings made from the leftover barley and wheat from the brewing process.

Saltwater Brewery Beer with the eco-friendly packaging

The beer packages in action!

After a few months of playing around with the idea, and testing different recipes, they used a 3D printer to produce 500 test versions of the rings.

Now, the term ‘edible’ suggests that you could chow down on the ring while you’re sipping your Saltwater Brewery beer. But these rings can be safely ingested by marine animals when they inevitably end up getting dumped in the ocean like so much other rubbish.

Aside from the potential environmental benefits, the innovation also offers a brilliant excuse for Saltwater customers. When your partner questions why you’re “having beer again?”, you can scold them for being so insensitive to the plight of sea creatures.

“I’m drinking it for them, not for me,” is your oh-so-sweet retort.

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