Featured Image for FORMcards can fix pretty much anything in the world, will make you heaps less useless

FORMcards can fix pretty much anything in the world, will make you heaps less useless

Heads up would-be handypeople: FORMcards are the way of the future. They’re small, light, concealable, reusable, fit in your wallet and are here to make you an expert fixer of things.

And the best part? They’re as easy to make as a cup of tea.

FORMcards are small, starch-based bioplastic cards that, when dropped in hot water, can be shaped, moulded, and made to adhere to other plastics.

Fixing old tools, toys, and other household items is easy – and there’s no room for messy superglue accidents.

The cards are the brainchild of Peter Marigold, who started an Indiegogo campaign to fund his project.

Thermoplastics, or plastics which have properties that change in response to the application of heat, have been around for a while, so the technology isn’t new. But what FORMcards bring to the table is even ease of use and application.

Before now, thermoplastics were sold only in tiny granules, requiring them to be squashed together. FORMcards replace the mess, effort, and pain of this process.

And for all you fashionistas out there, FORMcards come in pretty much every conceivable colour, so you don’t even have to worry about the patch-up on your old screwdriver not matching the interior décor of your shed.

Though they’re billed primarily as quick fix-its for everyday plastics and household items, some of the uses for FORMcards we’ve seen are insane, from special effects masks to other art projects.

Examples of FORMCards: Scissors, pots and pan holders etc.

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