Featured Image for WATCH: Super Mario Bros. creator jams with The Roots, gains new life

WATCH: Super Mario Bros. creator jams with The Roots, gains new life

What do you get when you combine one of the best house bands with the world’s most famous video game makers?

One hell of a performance.

Oh, and Jimmy Fallon using a Mystery Block as a musical instrument. No biggie.

Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of Super Mario Bros. joined The Roots for to play a live version of his most famous theme on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. And it’s just about perfect.

Miyamoto is out doing the press rounds ahead of Nintendo’s latest attempt to make a mark in mobile gaming with Super Mario Run. Following on from the huge success of Pokémon Go, this new game is a one button, automatic runner featuring goombas, coins and all the classic Mario power-ups.

His appearance comes after the announcement that the Nintendo Switch will feature super nostalgic Gamecube classics, like Super Mario Sunshine, Luigi’s Mansion and Super Smash Bros. Melee.

If 2016 was the year that brought Pokémon back into the mainstream limelight, then we’re crossing our fingers and toes that 2017’s release of the Switch will bring back long-forgotten adventures with Toad and Yoshi.

Get yourself in the Super Mario mood with this straight fire Nintendo playlist. Oh, sweet nostalgia.

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