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2016’s most popular Facebook topics are as surprising as they are sad

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, mainly because it means 2016 is ending soon.

Kids are finishing school, parents are gearing up for Christmas, the weather is getting hotter and…tech companies are releasing Top Ten lists.

They do it, I suppose, because they want to remind us of the central role they play in our lives.

The two biggies – Facebook and YouTube – have both released results on the content that Aussies have discussed and viewed the most in 2016.

On Facebook, the top ten in ‘Straya were:

1. Painfully, the US Election<. What a ride that was!
2. Malcolm Turnbull, picking up the silver for the second year in a row.
3. Shark Attacks – How Aussie is that?
4. David Bowie – That one really hurt. RIP, Starman.
5. Pokémon Go – Going, gone and forgotten already.
6. Pauline Hanson – Ugh.
7. Western Bulldogs and The AFL Grand Final – Yeah mate
8. Brexit – Whoops?
9. Rodrigo Duterte – Bizarro Trump with a dash of Hitler
10. The Olympics – Well we did clean up, didn’t we?

Donald Trumpy at Rally

We’ve only just begun hearing from this guy.

Comparing it with Facebook’s data for the whole world, we can see a lot of crossover. The world top ten were:

1. The US Election
2. Brazilian Politics
3. Pokémon Go
4. Black Lives Matter
5. Rodrigo Duterte
6. The Olympics
7. Brexit
8. The Super Bowl
9. David Bowie
10. Muhammad Ali

All in all, it’s a pretty sad list really. Prominent deaths, sport, potentially and (actually) horrifying political upheavals, and a game. It’s not surprising really that as the year worsened, people retreated further into a nostalgic AR-driven world to catch Pokémon.

It’s been well-noted that 2016 wasn’t exactly everyone’s cup of tea, and the Facebook World Top Ten is a pretty stark reminder of this.

Bring on 2017, I say!

If you really insist on reliving the year, then you can check out the nifty little video that The Zuck has just posted. And if you’d like Facebook to create a review video of your year, then follow the instructions on this page. But Facebook seems to be doing it automatically anyway.

YouTube’s most popular vids, which you can see for the world and for Australia, might help cheer you up a bit. The top video for both lists?

Adele, in James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke. Now that’s more like it!

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