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Nostalgia Party: Gamecube Games are coming to Nintendo Switch

If the rumours are true, Nintendo are pushing all the right nostalgia buttons.

Eurogamer are reporting that when the Nintendo Switch releases in March, you’ll be able to play your favourite games from the golden Gamecube era.

According to anonymous sources, Super Mario Sunshine, Luigi’s Mansion and Super Smash Bros. Melee are all ready to play on the Switch right now, and more games are in the pipeline.

Next up on the list is Animal Crossing, a game that impressively includes more than a dozen Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) classics for you to find and play in-game. So you can get your nostalgia fix inside your nostalgia fix playing Donkey Kong, Mario and Zelda.

Nintendo Nostalgia Meme

Now, while none of this has been confirmed yet, Eurogamer did manage to nail the details of the Nintendo Switch before it was released.

The official October announcement showed us that users can expect a nifty portable device. A hybrid device that allows users to dock at home through their TV (p. classic), or to bring the multiplayer console to the outside world. Nintendo have the support of a tonne of influential partners, including Warner Bros. and SEGA.

They also pointed out that the latest consoles have all allowed players to download older games. And while Gamecube games haven’t been made available before, a big push behind the development was to finally make Super Smash Bros. Melee playable on a modern console. Even now, 15 years after its original release, the game is an esports favourite, and this move would make it far more accessible to modern gamers.

So prepare to relive your favourite childhood smack down moments, fire up the ol’ vacuum and, most importantly, show every single person your moves as Captain Falcon.

Gamecube is back baby.

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