Featured Image for WATCH: Aussie man boxes roo to save his dog

WATCH: Aussie man boxes roo to save his dog

There is an old cliché that everything in Australia wants to kill you.

When people say this, they are usually referring to sharks, snakes, spiders and crocodiles.

Koalas and kangaroos, the most representative fauna of our great nation are seldom lumped into the “wanting to kill you” category. However, footage that appeared over the weekend has made me seriously question this.

The footage shows an unnamed man running to save his pooch, which a kangaroo has in a vicious headlock.

It’s already strange – I’ve never seen a kangaroo strangling a dog before, but what happens next takes this Aussie clip to God Tier.

The brave Aussie rushes the roo, saving the dog but incurring the wrath of the savage marsupial.

The roo hops to his feet and suddenly…it’s ON.

Both the man and roo assume boxing positions, and the man delivers a right punch to its muzzle.

Sensing that perhaps humans are the most dangerous animal, the roo backs down and hops off into the Outback.

Do NOT try this at home kids:

Credit: Bloom Brothers/ViralHog.com

The identity of the roo boxer is still a mystery. But the viral video has been seen more than 3 million times since being posted to Facebook on Sunday.

Could our mystery man get in trouble for this roo assault?
It is illegal to kill, buy or sell kangaroos under Australian law. However, you can get special licenses, and the whole thing is governed by a complex legislative framework. So without a license, technically he can’t harm a roo.

But the thing had his dog. In a headlock. Surely the law bends in this kind of dire situation.

Although a PETA rep had this to say about the incident: “Punching a kangaroo in the face is neither brave nor funny, it’s illegal, as is harassing native wildlife with dogs. The man in this video should be prosecuted instead of being made out to be a national hero.”

The clip appeared in gif form on Reddit’s r/gifs, where it has amassed almost 7000 upvotes and over 5000 comments.

Reading through the comments, the consensus seems to be this – a) this is the most Aussie clip ever and b) kangaroos are way more dangerous than most people think.

Redditors then went on to share other examples of roos gone wrong.

Just check out this brute knocking on this window:

Yikes. Those claws. That chest bump.

Or this one, going feral on a talk show, and then taking out its handlers.

There is only one way to restore balance to the world after seeing all this.

That’s right, I’m calling on the big guns. We need Skippy.

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