Featured Image for This new, two-second Game of Thrones trailer is making people lose their minds

This new, two-second Game of Thrones trailer is making people lose their minds

If anyone knows WTF is going on in this Game of Thrones trailer, can you please hit us up ASAP.

During a commercial break for Westworld last night, a teaser trailer for the next series of the show emerged – leaving everyone very confused and excited.

Here it is (about 1:02 in):

We pretty much only get two seconds of footage – featuring three shots: one of Arya looking shocked while riding a horse, Jon in a full hectic convo and Sansa looking terrified.

Jon Snow

Jon Snow, whatchu looking at? (Image: HBO)

Some fans have speculated that because Sansa looks like she’s in Godswood, she could be setting up a sneaky meeting with Littlefinger – but, that’s a fair bit to extrapolate just from one weirwood tree.

There have been leaks all over the place for season seven, but none of them have been verified. This is the first official glimpse we’ve had into the new season, so I guess all we can do is speculate wildly.

Filming has already started for the new season, and it’s expected to kick off some time in the winter of 2017.

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    Monday 26 December 2016

    Yo, first scene is Jon chatting with sansa second is sansa walking away from a weerwood tree looking determined and Arya Stark riding up onto a location. Mind Blowing!