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Old mate Tone’s new book has sparked a Twitter trend

Tony Abbott isn’t afraid to eat onions with the skin on, to wear siren-red budgie smugglers when literally no-one asked him to, and I doubt he’ll be afraid of today’s trending hashtag #TonyAbbottBookTitles. But you probs should be, Tone. None of it is flattering.

Remember when Abbott promised that he would stay out of the limelight after he was voted out? He said, “There will be no wrecking, no undermining, and no sniping,” and it was understood that he wouldn’t do media appearances, or run for leadership again…or publish a book telling the Liberal Party to be more conservative.

But hey hey, here’s a surprise for the Australian people (and probably to the majority of the Liberal members who voted Tone out) – Tony Abbott is releasing a cool, fre$h, hip, funky new book at least partly inspired by the rise of straight-up Nazism in America.

Melbourne University Press chief exec Louise Adler, who published Abbott’s last book, told Fairfax Media that Tone would “be making the case for conservatives, that the Liberal Party should be a centre-right party. After Donald Trump’s ascendancy, this becomes an interesting question for conservatives and for Labor too. I expect Tony to make the case for the Liberal Party to return to its conservative roots.”

Twitter users realised that the book doesn’t yet have a working title. Being the resourceful community it is, Twitter has offered Tone some suggestions.

Take your pick, Tony.

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