Featured Image for Stickler for the rules? North Korea’s Glorious Leader is recruiting!

Stickler for the rules? North Korea’s Glorious Leader is recruiting!

The world can be a scary place, and pretending otherwise in the face of global politics is tantamount to putting your fingers in your ears and yelling ‘lalala can’t hear you!’ when your brother threatens to tell you what you’re getting for Christmas.

The country of North Korea is a country that rightly makes people at least a little bit nervous. Since its founding in 1948 – which was basically the result of the Soviet Union landing at the Northern point of the Korean peninsula at the end of the Second World War and talking all kinds of smack about the American-lead UN forces in the South – the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has, to put it mildly, come across as a little bit zany.

For those brave souls however, that wouldn’t mind learning what life may be like under the heel of the Glorious Leader, then today is your lucky day!

Yes, that’s right, the guy that single-handedly breathed new life into the phrase, ‘Is it just me, or does that small man quite like the idea of trying to kill everyone?’ is looking for Devoted Subjects and Manual Labourers to join the good fight against the imperialist capitalist dogs of the West.

Spoof website The Greatest Recruit, which sprung up at the beginning of October, has the full and hilarious details of the ‘opportunity’, with perks including but not limited to;

Living in the second-richest country on the Korean Peninsula.
Permanent employment until death at the job of the government’s choice.
Exciting new international sanctions on an almost monthly basis.

While making light of the situation in North Korea has proved in the past to be a rich, if slightly edgy, vein of comedy for people with the stones to mine it, the reality of life in one of the world’s most isolated countries is no joke.

The website, along with a LinkedIn account, which is offline at the time of writing, and a Twitter account apparently belonging to Kim Jong-un were all designed by Seoul-based advertising specialist Tomic Lee.

They are part of a campaign for North American charity Liberty in North Korea, whose goal is to integrate North Korean refugees into American or South Korean society

In conversation with the BBC, Mr Lee had the following to say about his campaign;

“A lot of organisations talk about the story in a very serious way – because of course a lot of people die and get tortured. But that means that people get tired of hearing it and they begin to avoid it […] So we try to approach it in a slightly different way to get through to people and raise awareness. And humour works really well with North Korea. There’s no other country or leader like it.”

If all charity campaigns were this funny, we’d be on board with a lot more of them!

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