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Got a long lay-over? Just GoSleep

If you’re familiar with jet-setting, you’ll know that layovers are just the pits. You can’t have them too short or you might miss your connecting flight, but any longer than three (or two… or one…) hours can be absolutely soul destroying.

Here at Techly, we do more than our fair share of country hopping, and we’ve all experienced the crushing realisation at the end of a fifteen hour flight that you’re facing another six hours of just waiting before you can go any further.

After about six hours in the air, all you want is sleep, but most of us find it next to impossible to relax enough to get any sleep while flying – especially when travelling alone. Enter GoSleep.

GoSleep was designed by Finnish geniuses, and was first installed in Abu Dhabi Airport back in 2013. It offers transiting passengers a secure oasis in which to put their feet up and get some sleep, without worrying about being robbed, or worse, awoken.

The GoSleep pods start off as weird looking plush chairs, but once you hop on, or rather in, you can lay the chair completely flat and pull down a roller-door-style sliding shade to lock away light and crowds, allowing you to snooze in privacy.

And while you’re recharging you can also recharge your phones, with inbuilt USB charging docks inside the pod (probably worth the rent just for that).

Renting your little cocoon will cost you about AU$17 for the first hour, and then between AU$8 – AU$10 for any subsequent hours, depending on whether you’re hiring during the daytime or nighttime.

GoSleep Pods in Abu Dhabi

While the thirty-seven GoSleep Pods in Abu Dhabi were the first of their kind when they were established in 2013, similar installations have popped up across the globe since then.

Examples of these micro-hotels have found their ways into airports in India, America, Germany, Singapore, and many more.

In Dubai they have the Snooze Cube, tiny cubicles with flat beds and not much else. Perfect for if the idea of enclosing yourself in a cocoon makes you feel claustrophobic.

While in Delhi you can Snooze At My Space (SAMS), which are a step up from Snooze Cubes, offering cubicles with a bit more floorspace, and amenities such as televisions and fridges.

And for the ultra luxe, in select airports across America they have Minute Suites which are, essentially, miniature suites. These are the closest you can get to having your own micr0 hotel room in between flights, with ample floorspace and luxury amenities — some even have their own bathrooms!

So next time you’re on a series of long-haul flights with a connecting layover longer than your arm, have a look and see what the airports sleeping arrangements are — you just might find yourself napping in a box fit for a king.

Or maybe it’s just a nice, private spot to read a good book.


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