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Talk smack with the hat that tells Mike Baird and Donald Trump where to go

It’s rare that any news involving both Mike Baird and Donald Trump will make any joyful person laugh, but this… this is a certified cracker.

We’re all familiar with the absolute shitstorm that has resulted from NSW Premier Mike Baird’s Sydney lockout laws. In fact, Techly has had some pretty intense feelings about the laws in the past. People have been… displeased… about the nanny state vibes the policy gives off.

In support of the Keep Sydney Open movement, Aussie legend Max Thorley has created the ultimate passive aggressive accessory that manages to flip the bird to multiple asshats at once. It’s beautifully simple, and instantly effectively.

I present to you, the ‘Make Sydney Late Again’ Trump-themed hat.

For the relatively teeny price of 25 dollarydoos, you can get your paws on a hat that screams distaste at nanny states, bigotry, capitalism, and all those idiots who bought ‘Make America Great Again’ hats. If the hat doesn’t tip you over the edge, this delightful pun will (it actually made me LOL for real).

Slogan: "If you don't like Mike Baird, put this on your haird"

The hat has only been on the market for a few hours, but it’s already got a slew of ringing endorsements*.
*not actually endorsements, sheesh.

“We can’t lockout the sun, so I guess I endorse this product,” – Mike Baird.

“Wow! What a hat design, I wish I’d thought of it,” – Donald Trump.

“Please buy one, I can’t live like this anymore,” – Negatively geared inner city investment property.

If you’re thinking of showing your face at the Keep Sydney Open rally on Sunday, this is the ultimate way to scream the chants without having to fully commit to losing your voice.

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