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Don’t panic, Australia, but you’re getting delish Golden Gaytime doughnuts

How grateful are you that we live in a time of experimental doughnuts?

You really should be running through the streets screaming “Bless up! #blessed AF fam”, or standing on the top of the Harbour Bridge in one of those ugly-but-practical grey jumpsuits singing the OG Gaytime song.

Which is this, FYI:

There are many times when I think “Are you sure, Australia? Should we really be doing this?” Like that time we defied the UNHCR’s calls to shut Manus Island down, or the time politicians said a plebiscite on gay marriage would be better than a conscience vote. We get it wrong so many times, but this…this is nothing more than simple perfection.

Doughnut Time, the Australian doughnut innovators who deserve to be praised with a knighthood, have delivered the goods once again. This time with a Golden Gaytime-flavoured doughnut called ‘It’s Always a Gay Time’ (which it’s not because of the lack of marriage equality).

I’m sure you’d buy them without knowing more than a) it’s a doughnut, and b) it looks delicious, but if you wanna prep yourself, an ‘It’s Always a Gay Time’ doughnut is made of milk chocolate glaze, crushed biscuits, golden caramelised crepes and filled with honeycomb custard..

If you’re ready and willing to find out how in the hell they’ve managed to make caramelised crepes (which sound fancy AF) into a doughnut ingredient, then get your butt down to any Doughnut Time. They’ll be sold starting on Saturday 24 September, but you can pre-order a pack of six RIGHT NOW.

These doughnuts will join Doughnut Time’s catalogue of limited edition beauties but mayyyyybe if we buy enough of them, they’ll stick around.

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