Featured Image for LIVE iPhone 7 launch: Apple’s announcements, Apple Watch 2, macOS Sierra, iOS 10 live updates, blog

LIVE iPhone 7 launch: Apple’s announcements, Apple Watch 2, macOS Sierra, iOS 10 live updates, blog

Apple’s iPhone 7 launches today. Welcome to Techly’s live blog of Apple’s big announcements for 2017, including updates to the Apple Watch 2, macOS Sierra and iOS 10, and of course, the iPhone 7.

It’s expected that Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, will reveal the fancy new features of all of these devices and software options in front of hundreds of attendees, and thousands more online.

The iPhone 7 questions attracting the biggest hype have been:

Techly’s watching the whole event, which starts at 3AM AEST. We’ll be commenting on the most interesting and – knowing Apple – most unexpected updates related to the September 7 launch. Get involved on Twitter (@Techlyau), or leave a comment!

Read Techly’s guide on how to stream the launch (if you’re a non-Apple lurker). If not, jump on over to Apple’s streaming page, which will be live at 3AM AEST.

Live updates from Apple’s iPhone 7 announcement (Sydney time):

4:57am: And we’re out! Thanks for joining us! Be sure to keep an eye on Techly today for in-depth updates and analysis of everything we just saw announced!

4:56am: Here’s the song Sia’s just performed: https://play.spotify.com/track/3XIIOCu6B8PuGq5j61asEM?play=true&utm_source=open.spotify.com&utm_medium=open

4:56am: These dancers could definitely be wearing new AirPods while dancing. This wouldn’t be possible with wires, just saying. “Courage.”

4:55am: Close-fitting, nude bodysuits at an Apple event. This is definitely new!

4:53am: Sia performing a brand new song!

4:53am: Sia’s here!

4:52am: Interesting that there was nothing mentioned on MacOS

4:52am: Tim’s wrapping up.

4:51am: Tim Cook is back on stage! Giving a moment to thank all Apple employees in the room.

4:50am: iOS 10 will be out on September 13th!

4:49am: Release dates! Preorder is in 2 days, September 9th, and shipping September 16th. Soon! And Australia is on the initial rollout list!

4:48am: Ooh, the 6S and 6S Plus are also getting the storage bump! Cool!

4:48am: 7 Plus starting at $769 USD. AUD coming soon!

4:47am: Doubled storage! 32GB is the minimum, with 256GB the max.

4:47am: $649 USD for iPhone 7, exactly the same pricing as the current iPhone 6S.

4:46am: Wow they just brushed over all the new accessories, nothing really mentioned at all!

4:45am: Gotta say, not sure Schiller saying the main reason for removing the headphone jack is “courage” is enough to convince consumers it will be a good experience.

4:45am: After a quick summary from Phil we’re now watching a pretty slick video covering the new phones and their features.

4:42am: iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are the longest battery life ever in an iPhone. On average, 2 hours longer than iPhone 6S. That’s pretty huge! 1 hour more than iPhone 6S Plus.


4:40am: Game demo time! Graphics are looking crazy “real-time reflections, weather effects”. We’re watching an RPG being played right now.

4:38am: New GPU is also crazy – 240x faster than the original iPhone. Adobe Lightroom on an iPhone on the screen!

4:37am: It’s a dual core, intelligently switching depending on the task. Coooooool. Sah efficient!

4:36am: Lastly, performance. New A10 Fusion chip! 120 times faster than the original iPhone.

4:35am: A quick word on Apple Pay, focussing on Japan, including transit in Japan



4:34am: New Beats! Including Beats X, new affordable range, all wireless.


4:33am: We’re all going to lose SO many Airpods

4:32am: Okay this is big. No need to mess around in bluetooth settings, just a simple connect prompt.

4:31am: Smart switch between devices! One-step setup across all devices, using iCloud to help this switch!

4:30am: Hoo boy. W1 chip, microphone functionality, 5 hours battery life, charging case – so many new things! Truly wireless earbuds.

4:29am: Airpods! New wireless earphones from Apple. We’re once again listening to the dulcet tones of Mr Ive via video of the Airpods.

4:28am: We’re now discussing wireless, and an end goal of a wireless future.

4:26am: “The courage to move on.” – referring to removing the headphone jack. In the long run Phil’s right on that front.

4:25am: Earpods with lightning, focussing on advantages of lightnight over 3.5mm jack. Adaptor for 3.5mm to lightnight is included in the box with every iPhone.

4:24am: We’re on to Earpods. Everyone waits with bated breath. Goodbye headphone jack!

4:23am: Back on the feature train! Next is speakers. Stereo speakers! One at bottom and one at top.

4:22am: Instagram can now turn Live Photos in to Boomerangs. Cool! The app will be updated to support the wide colour gamut screen. All the gamuts!

4:21am: Instagram is taking us through the wide colour capture with a VERY loud shirt!

4:21am: Head of design at Instagram is now on stage!

4:20am: On to the Retina Display!

4:20am: Wow, not shipping with the phone itself? Interesting.

4:19am: This will be a free software update to all iPhone 7+ users later this year.


4:17am: You can get to it via a new mode called Portrait next to Pano and Square. It’s real-time as well, even before you take a photo!

4:16am: It is! ISP scans the scene, machine learning recognises people and faces, and a depth-map is created. Software and hardware then keeps the subject in focus and the background in blur! This could be great!

4:16am: Could it be bokeh? Pleeease?

4:15am: Ooh, they have a ‘one more thing’ for the camera.

4:13am: On-screen controls for switching between lenses, or sliding your finger on screen to zoom in. Software zoom still exists, however it’s powered by the second lens, so quality is MUCH better. You can now do 10x zooming using software zoom!


4:12am: iPhone 7 Plus has the second camera! One is wide angle, the second is a telephoto lens!

4:12am: 7 megapixel front-facing camera. Sah many selfies!



4:09am: Whoa, the low-light actually looks really good.

4:07am: We’re now being taken through some badass photos from photographers who were given the new phone to test. How do I get that job?!

4:07am: Apple-designed image processor – “supercomputer performance”

4:06am: Cameras! “Huge advancement in photography for cell phones. Everything about it is new”. Optical image stabilisation, wider f1.8 aperture lens, six-element lens, new 12 megapixel sensor, True-tone flash now has 4 LEDS, 50% more light.

4:05am: IP67 protection.

4:05am: Smashing through these new features Phil! The next is water and dust resistant. This is BIG.

4:04am: Unique feedback for all sorts of uses: ringtones, moving apps, third party applications will all use the Taptic Engine.

4:04am: Home button’s now non-mechanical! Force sensitive solid state, with a Taptic Engine.

4:02am: Second new black! Called “black”. I see what they did there.

4:02am: Phil Schiller on stage to take us through 10 new features, starting with Jet Black, the new high gloss finish.

4:00am: This video is just next-level Jony Ive. “magnetised iodized particle bath”

4:00am: I’m just so in to Jony Ive’s voice. Please narrate my life.

3:58am: “Gorgeous new design!” Looks like gloss black! We have the classic Jony Ive video.

3:58am: It’s iPhone 7 time! “The most advanced mobile operating system deserves the most advanced iPhone”

3:56am: Focussing on Homekit – 100 new products coming this year! Can set up and manage your home devices from Control Centre and Siri. Looks like time for the smart home revolution!


3:55am: Quick recap of iOS 10

3:55am: I wonder if they’ll announce a competing exploding battery feature…

3:54am: And it’s iPhone time! Get ready y’all!

3:53am: Apple Watch Series 1 is sticking around, but with the new internals. Sept 9 preorder. September 13th for WatchOS 3. Apple Watch Nike+ late October. Will have to wait for AUD pricing! $369 USD for Watch Series 2.

3:52am: 4 colours for the Apple Watch Nike Edition. And Tim’s back on stage!

3:50am: Focussing on motivation, getting started with running, rather than just reporting stats and metrics.


3:49am: “This isn’t just a watch, it’s your running partner.”


3:47am: Trevor Edwards, President of the Nike Brand is now on stage talking through the ike Apple Watch. Looks like the FuelBand is going the way of the headphone jack.

3:46am: Apple’s just announced a new partnership with Nike for the Watch! Nike+ is coming to Apple Watch!

3:46am: Oh excellent, the Hermes Watches have TWO buckles. The one buckle was tricky enough!

3:45am: New material – ceramic! Also continuing the partnership with Hermes Watches

3:43am: If I liked going outside and leaving the internet, this app looks like something I’d enjoy.

3:43am: We’re now watching a hiking app made for the Watch, not possible before with GPS. I’m liking this!

3:41am: I wonder if they tested the Watch’s swimming features with Michael Phelps…

3:41am: There it is! GPS in the Apple Watch Series 2!

3:40am: New display, brightest display Apple’s ever shipped. 1000 nits. “That’s a lot of nits!” Biggest difference when outside in sunlight.

3:40am: Entirely new internals – 50% faster than first gen.

3:39am: Lap time, pools and open water, learns about how you swim over time. Sweet.

3:38am: Apple’s test water environment for Apple Watch was slightly terrifying!

3:37am: Huh! The speaker needs to stay open/not sealed to water, however it ejects water from itself. That’s…pretty clever!

3:36am: Yep, swim-proof. Boom.

3:36am: The video we’re watching on the Watch is very focussed on sports. “Apple Watch Series 2”

3:35am: Moving on to new hardware! PEOPLE ARE SWIMMING WITH IT GUYS.

3:34am: “Hopefully I can break out of level 2 and catch my daughter” interesting phrasing for a game about catching small creatures!

3:34am: He’s so into it! It’s great! So happy to hatch a Pikachu!

3:33am: Your steps while playing the game count to your exercise goal in the Health app. Clever integration.

3:33am: The product manager for Niantic taking us through a demo is the cutest dude! He’s genuinely more excited to be playing the game than giving the presentation!


3:31am: He has a Pokemon Go Plus on stage. It will be released later this month. Finally! However, on to the Apple Watch integration.

3:30am: Niantic CEO now on stage to walk us through it!

3:29am: YOU GUYS! Pokemon Go is coming to the Apple Watch!

3:28am: Emergency mode is awesome! Hold down the button, your emergency contacts are notified and the emergency number called.


3:27am: Going through a revisit of WatchOS 3 right now, including reassurance of using Scribble

3:25am: Apple Watch is now the number 2 watch brand in the world! Just behind Rolex. Also the top selling smartwatch.

3:22am: Absolutely crazy seeing the presentation being changed as we watch. Hard to remember this is just a Keynote file, after all! On Mac, iOS, and web.

3:22am: Ooh brave, Susan’s now editing the actual keynote slideshow on stage right now to show off collaboration.

3:21am: Real-time collaboration in all iWork apps!

3:20am: Wish I had this when I was at school! Tim’s moved on to iWork now, inviting Susan on stage to tell us about it.

3:19am: Everyone Can Code, a new program from Apple which teaches kids to code in Swift is launching!

3:18am: “The students are having fun, they’re engaged…a real love of learning” – The ConnectEd grant.

3:17am: Tim’s discussing ConnectEd, bringing tech to school. Apple is donating iPads to more than 50,000 students!

3:16am: And that’s it from Miyamoto-san! We’ve moved on to education.

3:15am: Ooh going for a set price rather than subscription model. Release date in time for holiday season 2016

3:14am: This is a strong opening for Apple! Everyone’s sucked in from the get-go.

3:13am: We’re now watching a demo of the game, including Battle Mode for multiplayer

3:11am: Tap controlled. This is legitimately huge news! Big step for Nintendo, historically against mobile devices, and huge for Apple’s gaming platform.

3:11am: Brand new game: Super Mario Run. Looks like we’re going with a familiar mechanic here!

3:09am: Shigeru Miyamoto is on stage! The audience is legit absolutely freaking out!


3:08am: 106% YoY growth in app downloads July through August, and twice the global revenue than Apple’s closest competitor. Pretty strong!

3:07am: Whoa, uhh, guess that was it for Apple Music! We’ve moved on to the App Store

3:06am: “Elton John, One Republic, Robbie Williams, Britney Spears” – 10th anniversary of the Apple Music Festival in London this year!

3:06am: Ooh, focussing on exclusive content “Taylor Swift, Drake, Frank Ocean, and so many more”

3:05am: We’re starting the show with Apple Music. Apple Music has grown to over 17m subscribers

3:04am: Tim’s hit the stage!

3:03am: Woop, we now have Pharrell joining the car, they’re jamming out to Sweet Home Alabama. Damn cool way to kick things off!

3:03am: “This is it, bitches” – James Corden’s recommended opening line for Tim Cook

3:01am: After some kidding on iPhone security, they’re now belting out One Republic.

3:00am: Music’s faded, we’re now watching Tim Cook doing Carpool Karaoke with James Corden. This is pretty cool!

2:59am: Everyone’s just been asked to put their phones on silent. Hold on to your seats, it’s about to get wild.

2:58am: The stream has kicked off and Beats Radio is pumping in the auditorium.

2:56am: Good morning! We’re here and ready to go! Looks like a nearly full house.

Announcement Preview

The iPhone is an institution now, so there are always a tonne of rumours flying around in the days leading up to the launch. People are speculating about the thinness of the iPhone 7, the mysterious disappearance of the headphone jack, and the possibility that the Apple Pencil could be used on the iPhone 7.

Apple is expected to release two watches at their September 7 launch event. The current Apple Watch, which has almost sold out completely in some countries, is expected to be re-released with slightly faster processing capability. The Apple Watch 2 is also expected to be released, with an even faster processor and introduced GPS function. This would allow workouts to be mapped using Apple Maps.

It’s also expected that the Apple Watch Sport will stay a bit same-old.

iOS 10
iOS 10 is set to be released in Fall (that’s Spring/Summer for Australians). The preview can be accessed here.

It’s expected that the official release date will be announced at the September 7 event. The changes are billed to be so big that Mac users will be presented with an unrecognisable interface, and a new mobile functionality. But, as always, Apple’s updates prove to be ahead of the curve.

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