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This brilliant brewery has installed an underground beer pipeline

How do you transport beer around a beer-loving city when the beer trucks are too large to fit along the medieval streets? With an underground beer pipeline.

That’s exactly what the residents of the Belgian brewing hub of Bruges have done.

The large, modern delivery trucks used to transport the beer were too large for the town’s tiny cobblestone streets, causing traffic problems and much more importantly delayed beer delivery.

The geniuses responsible for sinking the pipe are De Halve Maan, a century-old brewery in the heart of the city. While many of the other breweries have moved out of town over the years due to these very same problems, De Halve Maan – which means ‘crescent moon’ in Dutch – decided to use their location to their advantage.

De Halve Maan plan for underground beer tunnel

And, because it’s 2016, they turned to crowdfunding to finance part of the pipeline. The total cost of $6 million was met with around half a mil of crowdfunded dollars.

As Techly have discussed before, beer is good for you. So good, in fact, that consuming only beer for 46 days is a great way to lose weight and feel good about your life.

So, we know what you’re thinking. How can we go all Mr Burns Slant-Drilling Co. on this pipeline and tap it directly to our home (or just hook it up to your vein)?

Mr Burns slant drilling co.

Dig, baby, dig! Image: Simpsons/Fox

Well, they appear to have thought of that, and have buried the pipe pretty deep underground – close to 30 metres for most of the route.

Some of the narrower parts however are as deep as two metres, meaning you should probably pack your shovel and beer glass and head to the airport, hoping to dig deep and strike liquid gold under cover of crescent moon.

Either that, or just visit one of the places where the pipe surfaces. Why not? We hear the traffic is getting better every day.

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