Featured Image for Get your hands off that phone and onto these delicious Pokeburgers!

Get your hands off that phone and onto these delicious Pokeburgers!

The Pokemon craze is far from over. We’ve been trading them for years, kids have been wearing Pokemon shirts for as long as they’ve been sold at shady market stalls. The whole world is crazy for catching Pokemon, but now Sydney’s gone one step further. We’re eating Pokemon.

The homage to American fast-food chain, In-N-Out, is Sydney’s Down-N-Out. The guys behind Down-N-Out go hard or go home, which they’ve proved with the limited release of their Pokeburgers.

For the next two weeks (that’s 23 August – 3 September), there will be some familiar faces popping up on the menu.

In a chat to Buzzfeed, the creative director Ben Kagan, said “We’ve tried many different ways of getting them to look amazing. At one stage we were experimenting with a hot-iron brand and then we tried printing the faces onto rice paper.”

The burgers come with Pokeburg cards which list all the ingredients, but we think there must be some special ingredients involved. How else would they get the exact flavour of Pikachu, Bulbasaur, and Charmander?

Charizard--inspired Pokemon burger

Bulbasaur-inspired Pokemon burger

Pikachu-inspired Pokemon burger

Totally on board with the corn chip ears, fried onions, cheese, and brioche buns, but WHO THE HECK AUTHORISED A BROCCOLI GARNISH? For a burger?

I wanna get on board with this so bad, but I had to take a thousand steps back at the broccoli tophat. Is it raw? Is it cooked and limp? Is there broccoli juice?

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I dunno, it seems like the blend of ridiculous deliciousness that Australia deserves.

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