Featured Image for Japan is absolutely frothing over this Cat Banana anime series

Japan is absolutely frothing over this Cat Banana anime series

There are some nights when you find yourself awake at 4AM, unable to resist the urge to click on the next Youtube video. You started innocently enough, watching John Oliver take down Trump. But now you’re watching conspiracy videos about whether or not Taylor Swift is a satanist.

You, my friend, have found yourself on the dark side of Youtube.

And I want to make sure you know that the dark side of Youtube isn’t necessarily dark content, but it’s weird stuff. Like Bananya, the Cat Banana.

Bananya started out as a mascot for Japanese stationery store, Q-LIA. It was a hugely popular mascot, particularly among lovers of kawaii, and so an online video series of Bananya’s adventures was crowdfunded.

Gotta give the people what they want, I guess…

Bananya English-style cat

The plot summary for the ‘Bananya’ show raises more questions than it answers. “Bananya are neither cats nor bananas, but cats hidden in bananas. They come out and play when people are not watching”.

That…confuses the heck out of me.

If the cats are hidden in the bananas, how did they get there? Do they have the choice to leave? Oh my god, are they prisoners?! WHERE ARE THEIR LEGS?!

Bananya flying around with a tail sticking out

There are heaps of great reviews of Bananya, so maybe we shouldn’t ask all those questions and just enjoy the cat who lives as a banana. I mean, these people loved it so much they all gave it 5 stars.

‘Truly a masterful execution of storytelling and animation. Characters are vibrant and thought provoking, you can really feel a connection with Bananya’s determination and dream to become a chocolate-covered banana. Without a doubt, Bananya is an anime like no other. We are lucky to live in a time where a masterpiece like Bananya exists.’

‘This is the first review I am writing, because I feel the overwhelming urge to write something about this amazeballs anime series. Bananya is literally the cutest fluff I have ever seen, and every time I watch this anime it makes my kokoro brokoro with happiness. I am eagerly awaiting the next episode, and I highly recommend this series to anyone who is feeling stressed or down.’

‘It’s a kitten in a banana………………..What more do you want?’

Check out the ridiculously cute episodes here.

Oh Japan, never change.

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