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Invisibility cloaks could soon become a reality

Forget Harry Potter’s magical world of witchcraft and wizardry, invisibility cloaks could soon become a reality thanks to scientific progress.

Yes, in a world where the Australian government can’t even get their Census website to work, we could soon be sneaking around completely undetected!

Shut up and take our money!

Scientists from the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia have discovered the physical properties required for such a material to be produced. The cloaks would utilise light bouncing from nearby objects, and light bouncing off of itself to essentially cancel out anybody that is covered by the material.

We’ll let the research explain:

A new cloaking mechanism, which makes enclosed objects invisible to diffusive photon density waves, is proposed. First, diffusive scattering from a basic core–shell geometry, which represents the cloaked structure, is studied.

The conditions of scattering cancellation in quasi-static scattering regime are derived. These allow for tailoring the diffusivity constant of the shell enclosing the object so that the fields scattered from the shell and the object cancel each other. This means that the photon flow outside the cloak behaves as if the cloaked object were not present.

Technically referred to as the “cancellation of diffusive wave scattering,” the scientists hope that the technique will prove useful in the fields of medical imaging, sensing, and wizardry (obviously).

The scientists also noted that the new invisibility cloak design would be far easier to actually produce – since “only an isotropic and homogeneous coating layer are enough to cancel light scattering from a small object.”

Say goodbye to disappointing Tweets like these:

We’ve been waiting our whole lives for this. Our excitement levels are absolutely peaking.

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