Featured Image for Sheep View 360: How local livestock brought Google to the Faroe Islands

Sheep View 360: How local livestock brought Google to the Faroe Islands

Google Street View has been everywhere, man… Except to the Faroe Islands in Denmark. These impatient islanders got so sick of waiting for Google to show up that they decided to do their own mapping.

The Faroe Islands have a population of less than 50,000, with a temperature that averages just above freezing all year round, so it’s a regular winter wonderland.

They’re also home to some truly beautiful landscapes, so it’s odd that Google has yet to grace the islands with its photographic presence.

Impatient and hoping for change, a resident of Faroe came up with her own way of mapping the area; by strapping cameras to sheep.

The project is called Sheep View 360 and was born so that people outside of the islands could see some of the beauty the area has to offer.

It was created by Durita Dahl Andreassen, who works for the island’s tourism bureau. Tired of waiting for Google, Durita strapped a 360-degree camera to a sheep. She then uploaded the images to Street View herself, which Google encourages people to do. The Faroe Islands pictures may be the first Street View pics to ever be taken by a sheep, however.

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But why sheep?
Faroe Islands used to be called ‘Sheep Island’, according to its website, due to the fact that the sheep population was close to 70,000, versus a human population of less than 50,000.

As the most plentiful and best-known mammals on the islands, it makes sense they play a part in showcasing the locale on the world wide web.

Plus, considering sheep have no opposable thumbs, they take a damn good photo.

All the photos can be seen on the blog that Durita has put together, however by far the coolest is this image of a sheep on a roof of a house. How did he get there? What is he doing there? There are so many questions!

sheep on house rooftop

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