Featured Image for Kanye West announces a brand new collaboration – with Ikea

Kanye West announces a brand new collaboration – with Ikea

Not content with being like the most talented musician ever to walk on water across the earth, Kanye West has diversified in recent times. ‘Yeezy’ has collaborated with Adidas to release his own sneakers, worked with Jay Z to put out the Tidal streaming service – and even tried asking Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg for a sly billion dollars to help fund West’s ‘ideas’.

But for this next collaboration, you’re probably going to need an Allen key.

In an interview with BBC Radio 1, West outlined his newest venture.

“I. Have. To. Work. With. Ikea. With furniture, with interior design, for architecture.” Kanye said. His motivation for the new collaboration was to bring high end minimalist design “to the people” – although we think Ikea might have already beat him to it.

He even tweeted the stream-of-consciousness masterpiece: “Super inspired by my visit to Ikea today , really amazing company… my mind is racing with the possibilities…”

He followed up in a way only Kanye can, telling the interviewer in typical third person that Ikea needed to “allow Kanye to create”.

But unlike his somewhat unanswered pleas to Zuckerberg, Ikea Australia has actually taken the time to write back to The Special One, posting on Facebook that they’d “love to see what [he’d] create”, before referencing his last hit song by adding “we could make you Famous”.

The design in the picture appears to show three Ikea flat-pack beds next to each other, referencing the clip for Famous, which has Kanye waking up in a bed with a bunch of other naked famous folks, like Donald Trump, Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian (of course) and Bill Cosby.

The self-proclaimed greatest living rock star on the planet is yet to respond, although judging by the comments on Ikea’s Facebook post, the bed might be a tough sell.

When asked why the successful musician and businessman thought he needed another string to his bow, he compared himself to Italian Renaissance artist Michelangelo, saying that no-one in their right mind should butt in and tell an artist when to stop.

“It’s like telling Michaelangelo, ‘I know you did this dope angel, that was really good, but Michealangelo, I don’t think you could paint a cow’.”

Kinda like butting in and saying “Imma let you finish…“, perhaps?

Techly will keep you updated on the expected release date of the Känyè.

But until then, here’s Kanye’s one-sided Twitter convo with Mark Zuckerberg. Perhaps this furniture collaboration was the idea he was talking about all along.

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