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Australia hits peak Pokémon Go, organises walk at Splendour in the Grass

It’s safe to say Australia has gone absolutely bananas for Pokémon Go. So ridiculously bananas that players have organised to meet up at one of the country’s largest music festivals: Splendour in the Grass.

Johann Ponniah, director of massive Australian label I OH YOU, is behind the Pokémon walk which is set to take place following DMA’s monstrous set at the Amphitheatre stage on the Friday afternoon of the festival.

The details were posted to a public Facebook event, with the description “Meet at the Amphitheatre stage at 3:15pm on the Friday, watch DMA’S and then lets (sic) go catch those little fuckers.”

While Ponniah might just be having a laugh (no-one in their right mind would spend time at such a great festival staring at their phone), Pokémon walks have been happening right around the country.

If you have no idea what a ‘walk’ involves, it’s basically a bunch of people capturing Pokémon, battling each other in Gyms, and visiting Pokéstops – locations where players can earn gifts such as Pokéballs and Pokémon eggs.

Last weekend saw thousands of people converging on the steps of the Sydney Opera House, following a walk which began just outside of the Royal Botanic Gardens. The precinct was so busy, it was reminiscent of last month’s Vivid Festival.

The Sydney Opera House isn’t shying away from the extra attention either – creating their own event, which will see them release ‘lures’ (an in-game function to attract users) over a two-hour period next Monday afternoon (July 18th).

People stand, looking at their phones, on the steps to the Opera House.

The Sydney Opera House drawing a large crowd.

People sitting on the Opera House forecourt.

Images: Alex Walker

Remember, this is just Sydney. Similar events have been taking place in a number of big cities including Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne (despite the weather).

Along with the Pokémon walks, Australia has seen the introduction of a ‘PokéPub’ at the Abbotts Hotel in Waterloo, Sydney. As well as releasing ‘lures,’ the venue has designed a Pokémon-inspired menu which features items like Beef Burgémon ($12), Hot Dogs with a Squirt-le of Tomato Sauce ($7), and Char’mander Grilled Steak ($14).

Imagine ordering up one of those delights with a side of Piku-Chips!

Congratulations, Australia, we may have just collectively lost the plot.

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