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Clipp review: Dining out has never been simpler

Going out to dinner is often a huge drama. Firstly you have to figure out where to eat, and then there has to be a price point that suits everyone, and then the damn bill.

It’s super easy to put it in the ‘too hard’ basket and resign yourself to living life as a hermit.

But fear not, the Clipp app is here to make dinner with friends enjoyable and stress-free!

Clipp delivers on its tagline “experience your city for less”. It’s kind of like an Uber for dining, because you’ve chosen your deals before you eat, and the bill is settled as you walk out the door. It’s a brilliant way to introduce dining to the 21st century.

The premise of Clipp is that venues post deals for a limited number of people. As a first-come-first-serve system, Clipp users are able to ‘Join a Clipp’ and lock themselves in for that deal. Your tab is approved by the wait staff, and you’re good to go!

The team at Clipp hooked me up with $100 to try out any bar or restaurant of my choosing. Clipp uses your location data to suggest nearby venues, and the deals suggested are time-sensitive, so you can pick a last-minute deal or one that’s available for a few more hours.

Screenshot of Clipp last minute deals

I allowed Clipp to access my location, and suggest to me the best deals nearby. My friend and I chose Mad Pizza in Surry Hills. Here we encountered a problem; the restaurant was closed, but the Clipp app hadn’t been updated.

So I’d joined Mad Pizza’s deal, but they weren’t there to hold up the bargain. Thankfully, Clipp makes it as easy to leave a deal as it is to join one.

We moved on to our next choice, Bavarian Bier Cafe near Wynyard. Our second choice was open, but it would’ve made for a better experience if the app was updated often with altered opening and closing times.

Ahh, c’est la vie.

The process is easy once you’re at the venue: just show the wait staff that you’re using the Clipp app, and they’ll look up your deets and confirm that you’ve arrived.

Unfortunately, they do this by bringing up your profile, which requires a selfie. And you aren’t able to load up an old selfie – it has to be taken when you download the app, which made for an awkward, too-close, baggy-eyed picture on my profile, and a good laugh with the waiter.

I was able to keep track of all purchases being added to my order as it was happening, which was a great feature.

The most satisfying part of the process was easily the bill, which I don’t think I’ve ever been able to say before. We finished our meal (which was delicious), closed the tab, and walked right out the door. It’s all the thrill of a dine n’ dash, without actually, you know, stealing.

Screenshot of Clipp's venue details for Riley St Garage

What I loved

★ Clipp’s big sell is convenience. I didn’t have to fuss around with splitting the bill, because friends with the app can join the same tab. It was super fast, and everything is trackable, which makes it easy to follow up if anything goes wrong.
★We got a great deal, which gave us 38 per cent off the bill once we’d spent over $90.
★The wait staff were trained up in Clipp, so the process was seamless.

Not so much

★Descriptions and reviews of the venue aren’t included, so if you like knowing about venues before arriving, you’d have to look each venue up individually. Alternatively, if you like throwing caution to the wind and trust that the venues are on the list for good reason, this isn’t going to phase you.


You can try Clipp for yourself via iTunes or Google Play. Get Clippin’!

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