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Watch this giant NERF gun destroy everything in its path (then quietly run for the hills…)

If you were wondering what the world’s largest NERF gun looks like, it looks like this – and it is awesome.

Worlds largest NERF gun

Every person on this planet with a soul likes NERF guns.

It’s all the fun of shooting stuff without the, you know, killing people part.

NERF wars have even started to become a thing – ZEDTOWN turns Australia’s universities, stadiums and suburbs into post-apocalyptic wastelands, where hoards of nerds arm themselves to the teeth with every type of NERF gun you could possibly imagine to wage war on invading zombies.

If you look up ‘NERF gun mods’ you’ll see countless imgur posts, YouTube videos and DIY footage of fanboys showing off their craziest modifications – but none of them hold a candle to this.

YouTuber Mark Rober enlisted the help of Eclectical Engineering’s Ryan and David to construct the largest NERF gun ever made.

A look under the hood shows the true insanity of what they’ve put together – a 3000 psi paintball tank is used to fill the devastatingly powerful 80 psi reserve cylinder.

Inside the NERF gun

When you push the trigger forward, the air moves into the firing chamber, and then when you’re ready to go, releasing the trigger pushes the air into the main cylinder at breakneck speeds.

The darts in the video are made of pool noodles with toilet plungers, and fly out of the gun at 65km/hr.

But while the mechanics of this invention are spectacular, we all know you just came here to see a giant NERF gun f*** shit up.

It smashes sheets of glass into a thousand tiny shards, blasts one of the darts 40 metres over a football field, and even obliterates entire watermelons in one go.

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