Featured Image for Enjoy guilt-free grease with this oil-absorbing plate

Enjoy guilt-free grease with this oil-absorbing plate

The Thai Health Promotion Foundation, in association with ad agency BBDO, have created a special plate that promises to absorb 30 calories from each serving.

An average Thai plate has around 500 calories, so it’s not much – but hey, at least no crunches are involved.

According to the World Health Organization, Thailand has the second-highest obesity rate in Southdast Asia with estimates of more than 21 million people suffering from weight-related illnesses. That’s a whopping 30 per cent of the population.

In order to tackle the problem, official institutions have created a series of short-term and long-term strategies, and Absorbplate is one of them.

This reusable, washable dish features 500 perforations that promise to soak up to seven millilitres of oil from every meal served.

The initiative is right now at trial phase, with thousands of plates being used in local restaurants.

Thai culture revolves around gastronomy, and their food is among the world’s most delicious. For Thais, eating is a relaxed activity that accompanies every social interaction, be it a formal meeting or a casual chit-chat in the middle of the night. But as modernity kicks, people no longer have the physical activity associated with a traditional, countryside lifestyle. This lack of incidental exercise, coupled with a high-calorie diet, is a dangerous combination.

BDDO is one of the most lauded ad agencies in the world and their Thailand branch has been awarded multiple times for their shocking and sometimes controversial campaigns. One example of their work is their anti-tobacco project from 2015 ‘Message from the lungs’ where they created ink from lungs of deceased smokers.

With Absorbplate, they intend to feed the general public a pro-fitness message without nagging about altering their diets or daily activities.

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