Featured Image for This French artist transforms old mattresses into mouthwatering ‘street food’

This French artist transforms old mattresses into mouthwatering ‘street food’

Jeff Goins says “the job of an artist is to offer a sanctuary of beauty to an ugly world”, and that is exactly what French artist Lor-K does as she transforms discarded mattresses into quirky street art.

In Lor-K’s most recent project, ‘Eat Me’, she travels around the street of Paris, picks up abandoned mattresses, then transforms them into oversized snacks such as waffles, pizza, sushi, sandwiches and kebabs.

She even created strawberry shortcake and other French pastries using nothing but abandoned cushions!

Lor-K both dissects the abandoned cushions to create her art, and adds interesting details to make it more appalling. For instance, her sushi art installation comes with a side of wasabi, the toasted baguette has mozzarella and tomato, and the waffle is topped with whipped cream and chocolate syrup. Delicious!

Check out more of Lor-K’s art and view the process of how she creates the oversized street food via her webpage.

Lor-K's 'Eat Me' Sandwiches made from mattresses
Lor-K's 'Eat Me' cupcake and kebab made from mattresses
Lor-K's 'Eat Me' pizza and waffle made from mattresses

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