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We can now buy creamy AF milk straight from the cow thanks to a genius Aussie invention

Got milk? Well, yes – you probably do, but not the good stuff.

Because of pesky food safety regulations to keep us ‘healthy’ and stop us from ‘dying’, here in Australia we can’t enjoy the milk straight from a cow’s udders.

By the time it’s heat pasteurised, homogenised and shipped off to the supermarkets in a plastic bottle, the milk’s lost a bunch of its natural nutrients and is a watered-down shadow of its former self.

But now, thanks to a brilliant local invention, we can get our grubby little mitts on the sort of milk you only read about in Enid Blyton books.

In a world-first, Made By Cow has developed a method of safely making untreated milk that’s been approved by the NSW Food Authority.

Before now, raw milk had to be heated to over 72 degrees in order to kill off harmful bacteria – as well as going through a whole range of other processes like separation, recombining and standardisation, which dilutes the final product.

But the Aussie company has developed a process that destroys the bacteria without treating the milk.

Made By Cow Milk

On NSW’s South Coast, they use a painstakingly managed, single herd of Jersey cows to produce bomb-ass milk.

As soon as the cows have been milked, its bottled immediately and they use a patented water-pressure system, which compresses both the bottle and the milk inside for several minutes.

This removes the harmful bacteria without screwing with the milk’s structure, so you get stupidly creamy, cold-pressed, raw milk.

It’s just like sucking it straight from the cow’s udder!

Hmmmmm… that’s maybe not the best selling point.

Regardless, if you want to get your hands on it, they’re available now at Harris Farm Markets and select retailers (check out this page to see the closest location).

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