Featured Image for Heart-attack inducing footage from one of the world’s tallest, fastest rollercoasters

Heart-attack inducing footage from one of the world’s tallest, fastest rollercoasters

Would you get on a rollercoaster named after a supernatural raven? No, I wouldn’t either, especially not after seeing this crazy first-person-perspective video of one of the world’s tallest and fastest rollercoaster.

Called Valravn, a type of cosmic bird in Danish folklore, it is the star attraction of the gigantic Cedar Point amusement park in Ohio.

This mega-park is famous for having 17 roller coasters, a number bettered only by Six Flags Magic Mountain in LA, and Valravn looks to be the most terrifying of all.

How are these for some intimidating figures – Valravn is 68 metres tall, has a 65-metre drop, and reaches a pants-staining 121 km/h.

rendering of Valravn rollercoaster at Cedar Point

The video shows Valravn start peacefully enough, like a horror movie which slowly builds suspense before exploding into an orgy of bloody violence.

It reaches the bottom of its first rise and then goes up and up and up and up – climbing for no less than 25 seconds to reach the lofty crest.

The audio on the footage gives an indication of the building fear among the rollercoaster’s occupants. As Valravn rolls along the top of this section, one bloke tries to act all nonchalant, remarking “Wow, look at the view.”

Soon after, as the coaster is hurtling downwards at a jaw-dropping pace, what sounds like the same man is heard screeching “Ohhh my gosh”, having involuntarily abandoned his Captain Cool persona. To be fair, just watching the video is pretty nauseating, if I was in his seat I would have been crying tears of terror.

After flying around the track, Valravn again ascends before plummeting into a second mad drop.

Just this one rollercoaster looks like a major challenge, let alone tackling all of Cedar Point’s array of warp-speed rides.

I’m happy enough just to watch the footage. Make sure then when you do too, that you have the video in full-screen mode to heighten the sense of realism.

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    Tuesday 23 October 2018

    This is stupid. Valravn is not the tallest coaster ever. its the tallest dive coaster, which will be replaced by Yukon striker in 2019