Featured Image for Seinfeld – or, more specifically, George Costanza – is now helping to sell rugs

Seinfeld – or, more specifically, George Costanza – is now helping to sell rugs

Given it was pretty much played on a loop by Channel Ten throughout much of the ‘90s and ‘00s, Australians are intimately familiar with the lavish humour of American sitcom Seinfeld.

There always was great debate about who was the funniest character on this wildly successful show, and I vacillated constantly between the slapstick splendour of Kramer and the mean-spirited majesty of George Constanza.

The latter has now been channeled by US advertising agency Insight Creative Group.

Asked to conjure an idea for a billboard for a potential client Floor Trader, they re-created a famous scene involving Constanza.

Titled the “Timeless Art of Savings”, the advert featured the company’s longtime spokesman draped across a pile of carpets and rugs in a seductive pose, in a nod to the classic Seinfeld scene called the “Timeless Art of Seduction”

You see, George was trying to flirt with the cute girl at the photo shop, so he took a saucy photo of himself in his boxer shorts. A mix up saw the photo instead received by a large man who worked at the same shop, who interpreted George’s move as a come-on and so sent him a naughty photo of his own.

Somehow, these photos end up in the possession of villainous mailman Newman, who promptly accuses George of being involved in an “ill-conceived mail order pornography ring”.

Hilarity follows.

Clearly, the guys and gals at ICG are big fans of Seinfeld, and this episode in particular, so they decided to use it as the inspiration for their pitch.

“We want the same thing most agencies do — creative outdoor that makes you pee yourself a little when you drive by,” ICG wrote on its website.

“We jumped on the opportunity to do what anybody would have done, paralleling George Constanza’s famous ‘Timeless Art of Seduction’ pose with Bart, mirroring George’s famous pose down to the toe stretch — but in the wardrobe spokesman Bart has sported for 10 years.”

Nice work ICG, perhaps you can collaborate work with J. Peterman on his next catalogue.

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