Featured Image for The greatest ever ‘Enrol to Vote’ campaign is currently taking Australia by storm

The greatest ever ‘Enrol to Vote’ campaign is currently taking Australia by storm

Getting millennials to do stuff is hard. We’ve grown up in a time where a small electronic rectangle can do 95 per cent of our daily tasks, and any serious thoughts of actually doing a thing are quickly sidelined by six-hour Game of Thrones binges.

But it’s of vital importance that we pull our finger out for at least this one thing:


After shouting at the TV during Q&A every week, and getting into pointless arguments with your friend’s racist uncle on Facebook, this is finally your chance to stand up and be counted.

For a country that has compulsory voting, Australia’s youth voter turn-out is pretty average. One in four Aussies aged 18-24 aren’t enrolled to vote – if that extra 400,000 stepped up, they would make a huge difference in the election.

So Oaktree, an Australian NGO that works to build political support for community development, has hatched an ingenious plan.

They know there is one thing nobody on the Internet can resist – gifs of cute dogs.

That’s why they made a viral dog gif that, when you click it, redirects you to a page where you can enrol to vote.

The Facebook post by Oaktree

You beautiful, evil sons of bitches.

The link takes you here, where you can share the gif, or enrol to vote.

If a big chunk of those 400,000 young Aussies enrol to vote, it will mean that things that are important to us – like university funding, climate change and housing affordability – could finally become important issues this election.

You have until May 23 to enrol – and when you’ve done that, you can come back here and watch this video of cute dogs being cute as a reward.

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