Featured Image for Goodyear’s Eagle 360 Concept: Tyre ‘Sphere’ could be the future of vehicle technology

Goodyear’s Eagle 360 Concept: Tyre ‘Sphere’ could be the future of vehicle technology

We might not have flying cars yet, but the future of the automobile industry is looking pretty amazing with Goodyear’s latest concept: spherical tyres for autonomous vehicles, called the Eagle 360.

Earlier this year, Goodyear released a short video which revealed their latest concept tyre:

The creative team behind the Eagle 360 is eager to reinvent the future of vehicle technology, with the spherical tires featuring 3D-printed tread design, which can be customised to suit the climate as well as the user’s driving habits.

The concept tyre is further augmented with advanced sensor technology that will help the self-driving vehicle to register the road condition and automatically adjust the speed of the vehicle in order to prevent hazardous situation caused by weather or slippery road.

What’s more, the concept tyre utilises cutting-edge magnetic levitation technology to hold the unique spherical tire in place, giving the automobile ultimate maneuverability, safety, and connectivity.

One other thing – given the tyres can turn in any direction, the car can move in any direction without needing to turn a wheel.


Of course, this futuristic spherical tire is merely a conceptual development by Goodyear, and there’s no announcement of any further elaboration on the Eagle 360. You might even say it’s PR.

However, it definitely provides a glimpse at the future of autonomous vehicles.

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