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This touchscreen mirror could change your mornings forever

Ryan Nelwan of Swipe Labs (going by his Reddit username nucklsandwich) has shown off a mirror to Reddit which could possibly change your mornings, and life, forever.

Using public APIs and some innovative thoughts, Nelwan aspects of the humble looking glass that could assist in something as simple as getting ready for work in the morning.

The first thing you notice is that the smartmirror has real-time widgets, showing date, time, the current temperature, and even a music player for those who like to have a bit of a sing-a-long or jam in the mornings.

The mirror’s home-screen shows the apps that have already been programmed, including Messages, Photos, Dropbox, Reddit, and a NEST controller.

He then demonstrates what different gestures achieve. Using two fingers on the screen, the music player volum can be turned up and down.

The mirror can also play YouTube videos that can be moved around the screen. =Redditors pointed out that this feature would be useful for people watching a make-up tutorial in front of a mirror, or showing how to tie different neck-tie knots.

There’s also a reminder – the ‘you’re late’ – notification alert, which then gives the option of ordering an Uber to your location.

It’s basically a giant phone that combines interactivity with innovation. The only concern is having to get those pesky fingerprints off your touchscreen mirror.

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