Featured Image for Microsoft’s ‘Holoportation’ lets you teleport as a hologram!

Microsoft’s ‘Holoportation’ lets you teleport as a hologram!

Microsoft has released a demo of what they call ‘Holoportation’ on their VR headset, the Hololens.

Shahram Izadi, Microsoft Research’s principle research manager, demoed speaking with a colleague who was being ‘teleported’ from a separate location.

Izadi then played and spoke with his daughter, who was in a different room.

The technology uses 3D image-capturing, allowing people wearing the Hololens to see each other. While they cannot physically touch, they can hear each other, and move around and through each other in a 3D space.

Izadi then replayed the communication with his daughter, and showed that you can replay the meetings you have with other people (for Division players, think of it like Echoes). These meetings are able to be scaled and made smaller, and allows the user to walk around it, looking at it from different perspectives.

There are some limitations. The setup looks is mighty elaborate, with an entire room filled with 3D cameras to make the image of the person in the middle.

Then there’s the Hololens itself – two people can see each other when wearing the device, but the Hololens takes up most of the real estate on a person’s face.

It’s not quite teleportation, but it shows how much technology has advanced, and that communication using holograms can be done in real time.

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