Featured Image for Pechat transforms your boring bear into a talking teddy

Pechat transforms your boring bear into a talking teddy

What’s cuter than a teddy bear? A talking teddy! Pechat – the latest creation by monom – is a ‘magical’ device that grants stuffed toys the power to talk!

Well, not really.

Pechat is actually a yellow, button-shaped speaker that can be attached to stuffed animal, allowing you to control what it says with a dedicated smartphone app.

Pechat has four functionalities – ‘Text Chat’ reads what you type in a cute cheery voice, ‘Tap Chat’ converts pre-recorded phrases, songs and stories to spoken word, ‘Voice Chat’ transfigures your voice into the cute teddy’s voice, and ‘Auto Chat’ responds by nodding or mimicking what kids said. 

Pechat is also equipped with practical features, like the smart ‘Crying Detector’, which will send an alert text to your smartphone when it detects the water works, and an alarm function, making getting the kids out of bed in the morning far more palatable.

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