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This genius app stops your dickhead Facebook friends from revealing Game of Thrones spoilers

Hey look, not all of us had the time to watch the Game of Thrones season premiere yesterday, so it’d be great if you guys could keep the spoilers on the hush.

Some of us were losing our week’s wages on Two-Up, some of us were watching the footy, and some of us don’t have the coin to pay Foxtel (because we lost it on Two-Up) and are waiting for a high quality and definitely not illegal stream to appear.

So what do you do when your asshole mates inevitably start ruining the show, revealing vital details without a single thought for us stragglers?

Well, praise be to the app-gods, because your suffering is now over.

A bunch of legends have put together an ingenious app called Spoiler Shield which, as the name suggests, shields you from spoilers on all your social media channels.

It works by detecting any reference to the show and then blocking it out on your news feed.

It’s available free for iOS, Android, and as a Chrome extension – and it’s relatively straightforward to set up. Just go to the app’s settings, log into your Facebook or Twitter account, select Game of Thrones and enjoy a spoiler-free social media experience.

Spoiler Shield

It’s not just limited to your favourite TV shows – you can also configure Spoiler Shield to protect you from sport’s results, and even award ceremonies like the Oscars, if for some reason you find joy sitting through three hours of rich celebrities congratulating themselves.

It’s not perfect, and some references do slip through the gaps, but overall, the app works wonders.

Spoiler Shield FB

Spoiler Shield’s the market leader, but there are other options out there if it’s not getting the job done for you.

SocialFixer serves a similar function but you’ve got to do a bit more of the hard work. You select keywords to filter out of your social media feeds, which has up and down sides.

It does make it harder for you to type every possible word people could use to spoil a show, but it does also give you a bit more flexibility to block out things like those infuriating ‘Tag A Mate’ posts, your friends’ obnoxious political statuses, and your 55-year-old uncle’s casually racist memes.

These sorts of apps have been around for a little while now, but if this is all news to you, you no longer have to go into a complete social media blackout.

Unfortunately however, there’s no app to stop your co-workers from willfully spewing out spoilers, as I learned earlier this morning.

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