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Splendour sells out in under 90 minutes, and people are pissed

Well, with a line-up as bananas as this, Splendour in the Grass was never going to have trouble selling tickets. But there are plenty of disappointed punters who spent hours waiting in Moshtix’s ‘Green Room’ all to no avail, because Australia’s biggest festival sold out in around an hour and a half.

Screenshot of Splendour tickets sold out

The most disappointed will be people who got through the Green Room and made their ticket selection, only for the site to crash once they went to the purchase screen. Although people who made it through the Green Room just to be told the ticket allocation is exhausted will feel as though they’ve been stitched up as well.

The real frustration is the lack of transparency with the process. I personally was logged on a little after 8:30am, and yet my mate who came to the Green Room after me made it through to buy tickets before I did.

Then there’s that ever-present rumour that anyone who used a computer was a sucker, because using your phone is a back-door.

It’s no surprise – every year, tickets for Splendour are an unruly clamour. People wake up hours before the 9am sale, sit in a virtual line, and either get lucky or don’t. It once again raises the question as to whether it would be more fair to ballot the tickets. At least that process would be more transparent.

In the meantime, if you did miss out, don’t give up all hope. Moshtix are holding a re-sale of returned tickets from 9am on Monday, May 30. You can join the presale waiting list by clicking here.

As for those of us who did get through… Wait did I say ‘us’? *Ducks the onslaught of thrown debris*

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