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G.U.M Play: An extraordinary toothbrushing experience?

Created over two years by Tokyo-based creative agency PARTY and oral care manufacturer SUNSTAR Inc, GUM Play turns your ordinary toothbrush into a smartbrush.

The device slips onto the end of your toothbrush, then links to your phone via Bluetooth, giving you feedback on how thoroughly you are brushing as compared to an oral hygienist.

The team behind GUM Play claim that their creation will transform your daily tooth-brushing session into an extraordinary three minutes of discovery, using three mobile apps – Mouth Band, Mouth News and Mouth Monster.

For instance, start your day by listening to some tunes while brushing your teeth with Mouth Band, which transforms your toothbrush into musical instruments.

Or you can listen to audio aggregated news, sports and entertainment articles via Mouth News.

You can even whip out your weapon (aka your toothbrush) and start butchering oral bacteria monster in the Mouth Monster game.

Each of the three apps use GUM Play’s Mouth Check and Mouth Log to record how well you are taking care of your teeth.

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