Featured Image for You can tell the Waleed Aly backlash is racist because of all the racism

You can tell the Waleed Aly backlash is racist because of all the racism

For some reason, everyone in Australia is pretending as though they give a shit about the Logies – which is terrible because a) we have to talk about the goddamn Logies and b) it’s meant Australia’s racist underbelly has reared its ugly head again.

In case you’ve been fortunate enough to have missed it, big chunks of Australia are visibly frothing at the mouth with rage that Waleed Aly has been nominated for a Gold Logie – perhaps the most meaningless award dished out since that participation ribbon you “won” in kindergarten.

It started with a Daily Telegraph piece about “well-placed TV insiders” (read: some guy that visited the Channel 7 studios once) complaining that Aly and Lee Lin Chin weren’t worthy of their nominations.

“The Logies are an embarrassment. It is a complete joke. What has Waleed ever done? Because he does an editorial slapping someone down every now and then, does that qualify him for a Gold Logie? And is The Project successful? No.”

For some reason, this has triggered a backlash against The Project host, with all the bigots coming out of the woodwork to create a veritable shitstorm of racial hysteria over a completely meaningless award.

Now you can tell the commentary against his nomination is racist: the tell-tale sign is all the racist commentary.




And while Aly is being put through the ringer by every man and his dog, the three white nominees have miraculously escaped criticism.

Among these “worthy” nominees include:

Grant Denyer, the human equivalent of stale toast, whose single greatest achievement of the past year consists of fake-laughing at the answers of contestants on Family Feud;

Scott Cam, a man with as much charisma and charm as the guy who hosts bingo at your local RSL, and whose latest show Reno Rumble was cut because nobody watched it.

And Carrie Bickmore, who literally hosts the exact same show as Waleed.

Bickmore, for what it’s worth, won the Gold Logie last year – and that was fine, apparently?

But as soon as Waleed gets nominated, suddenly The Project doesn’t have enough viewers, or isn’t serious enough.

You don’t have to like Aly’s editorialising rants; you’re well within your rights to think it’s sanctimonious drivel without being called a racist.

But like him or not, he is at least as worthy as the blank smiling face of Grant Denyer, or contrived Aussie battler persona of a millionaire who hosts a renovation show.

Aly’s pieces on ISIS, Adam Goodes and misogyny were some of the biggest ‘watercooler moments’ of Australian TV last year – none of his fellow nominees can boast the same.

The fact that the first time there has been two non-white Gold Logie nominees, is the same time there has been actual, genuine outrage over the awards is not a coincidence.

In Australia we love minorities, until they get too big for their boots – until they start using their position to call us out on our shit.

Adam Goodes was a national treasure until he started highlighting racism.

Waleed has made the same mistake.

God forbid he actually asks our beloved Warney a simple question about his sketchy-as-hell charity or raise the issue of Australia’s men beating up their wives.

Make no mistake, this whole sad saga is fundamentally about race – and until we start acknowledging it as such, nothing will change.

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    Bart White

    Monday 11 April 2016

    I’m amazed that people think that that race and religion are the same thing! Race is not a choice but religion is. It is not racist to be opposed to the ideologies of a religion.



      Wednesday 11 May 2016

      Same shit, different bucket. Do you really want to get out of being racist with semantics? Freedom of religion is a human right.