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Maye Musk: Elon’s insanely talented and sensible mother is a dietician and a model

Is there that one family in your life that always kind of blew your mind? Like, they spend their summers doing the coolest stuff, they’ve all got their photo smiles nailed, and it’s difficult to secretly resent their successes because they actually seem quite nice? Welp, apologies to whoever you may be thinking of, because we’ve got them beat.

You may be familiar with the work of filmmaker Tosca Musk, while those of you who have embraced the worldwide focus on the culinary arts may well know of the innovatively named ‘restaurant family’ The Kitchen, founded by Kimbal Musk.

If you have not come across the name of Elon Musk, inventor, billionaire, tech poster boy and selective retailer, then please get in touch to let us know how you have accessed this website from your underground bunker in the past, we have so many questions.

Well as they (might not) always say: behind every trio of objectively successful and talented grow-ups is an internationally recognised model and dietitian.

Y’see the matriarch of the Musk family – Elon, Tosca and Kimbal’s mum Maye Musk – is just that.

Among the highlights from NY Mag’s interview with Maye is her admission that she modelled across five decades, including a progressive stint as a plus-size model in the 1980s. While lifestyle chat may not be your thing, a woman that has balanced a family, a modelling career and a private dietitian practice, while retaining a realistic and fairly attainable body image is probably worth listening to.

Luckily enough for us mere mortals, when Maye isn’t featuring in Beyonce’s music videos, she mainly preaches common sense. One of her very, very many blog posts is stuffed through with soundbites such as, “Listen to your body. Don’t starve or deprive yourself”, and “If they only ate when they were hungry, or if they at least tried to listen to their satiety cues, they would minimise their chances of gaining weight.”

I guess the takeaway here, depending on whether you want to be inspired or, for some reason, fancy feeling bad about yourself for an hour or two can be one of two things.

The happy ending is that, taking Maye as an example, it’s possible to achieve a whole bunch in a lifetime. The sad ending is that Maye Musk has quite probably achieved more than most of us would in two lifetimes.

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