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Xbox One gamers to play against PS4 and PC users? Microsoft says yes!

Xbox appear to be making tentative steps towards the ultimate peace negotiation in the gaming wars: they will soon allow online multiplayer between Xbox One and completely different consoles.

Chris Charla, Director of ID@Xbox, announced in a blog post that Microsoft have opened up the option for video game developers to create the ability to play with players on different online multiplayer networks.

While some games, such as Rocket League and DC Universe Online, already allow for cross-platform multiplayer, Microsoft opening up the Xbox Live network to other gaming platforms could mean all gamers could play each other in the near future.

Rocket League on Xbox One will be the one of the first games to support cross-platform multiplayer, but the blog post only mentions playing against PC gamers and people on the Xbox Live network. No mention of going up against players on the PS4.

The news comes after Microsoft and Xbox announced they will be working together to try to get games to work for both platforms.

Cross-platform multiplayer is a huge step in opening up consolidated userbases. This in turn helps avoid finding ’empty’ lobbies, so you find a game somewhere in your region, rather than being thrown into game lobbies overseas.

This also means that the console battle will be focused more on exclusives and less on ‘console first’ rights, where Xbox or Sony would make deals with developers to get certain content on their machines first (think PS4 getting Black Ops 3 DLC a month in before Xbox One and PC).

The post focuses on indie development. MonoGame, a programming framework, will now be supported by Xbox One, meaning games created in MonoGame for PC will be able to be ported to the Xbox One without the developer having to recreate the code.

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Comment (2)

    Lynn White

    Saturday 26 March 2016

    When is the exact release date for Dc universe online for the Xbox one? And will the game be in a Xbox one case or i can just put the pc version in my Xbox one?


      Tristan Rayner

      Saturday 26 March 2016

      No no… you play on your own system. And then you can happen to play against others on other systems. You still buy the game for the Xbox One.